About Us

Who, what, why

Hi, my name is Dmitry, and I’m CrypoMage.net co-founder.

I came into the crypto world in 2017. After researching different crypto projects for a long time, I found Cardano which had just launched the mainnet. I am very encouraged by Cardano's view of the blockchain and the crypto world in general. I like the scientific approach that Cardano uses. I fully share Cardano's mission. Together with Cardano, the community, and Charles, I want to bring new opportunities to the world and make life easier for many people.

I have a Financial and IT degree. My main work for 12 years - software and web development, from architecture to implementation and marketing. I am a creator of well known, since the days of Incentivized Testnet, AdaStat Cardano Blockchain Explorer and Rewards Notifications Telegram bot. Also I’m an active member of Cardano Community and Cardano Ambassador. I translate articles into other languages and moderate 2 Telegram Cardano Groups - Cardano Russian Developers and Cardano Russian Trade. In addition to the above, I'm an operator of the STAT pool.

And now, after non-fungible tokens came to the Cardano network and we are waiting for smart contracts, I’ve launched CryptoMage.net as a Cardano-side project, aiming to help the community and all of us grow and get closer to Cardano's ultimate goal. The design studio DecoraStudio, owned and managed by 2-nd CryptoMage.net co-founder and my wife at the same time, is actively involved in the artistic part of the project.

Let's discover the magic of CryptoMage World and Cardano together!