About the Game

History of CryptoMage

The action of this game takes place on a planet, on which once lived happily mages and wizards. They were called cryptomages. Mages belonged to one of the 10 guilds that existed at that time. Each guild had its own way of life, its own laws and rules. The traditions that wizards lived by in the guild were passed down from generation to generation. Each guild had its own totems, which contained their founders’ energy and power. With these totems, the wizards felt the connection with the founders, they experienced the protection of their ancestors throughout their lives. Totems were three types of crystals (ruby, emerald and sapphire). Every wizard who lived on the planet was unique and unrepeatable. There were many different types of wizards to be found here. For example, very young untrained magicians who possessed only the mystery of inherited knowledge in a particular science. Or, incredibly powerful wizards, who were not only lucky enough to be born with a predisposition to several sciences that existed at that time, but also who comprehended the highest knowledge level in each science thanks to their diligent study. Such powerful wizards were members of the guild council and were considered the best representatives of each of them.

A crystal with incredible magical power was the core of this planet. But some time ago there was a disaster. For some unknown reason, this crystal shattered. As a result of this split, the harmony and balance of the magical forces present on the planet were disrupted, and the wizards began to turn into crystals.

Only a few mages managed to stay alive, while the rest were transformed into crystals. The wizards who survived teamed up with each other. They succeeded in creating a protective shell that was able to partially and for some time restore the balance of magical powers. Thus, they managed to avoid global crystallization. Another negative aspect of the core split was the loss of the totems of all 10 guilds.

Luckily, the wizards who turned into crystals can be brought back to normal. But the decrystallization process requires a very strong magic power. This power can only arise as a result of the symbiosis of the magic spells of two wizards. It's not all that simple. Only those wizards who have fully mastered the knowledge of at least 4 sciences are capable of such a spell. Moreover, which of the crystals will be affected by this spell and which of the cryptomages will return to life, depends on the mages’ internal qualities and predispositions as well as particular guild affiliation.

Everything would be fine, but the powers of the surviving wizards are limited. No one knows how much power the protective shell will have and whether the next core split will happen again. We need to decrystallize the mages who are turned into crystals as soon as possible, find the missing guilds and lost totems. Only then the harmony of the magical forces on the planet will be restored.

At the moment, the representatives of a few guilds have gathered together. Those mages who found each other and activated the defense after the disaster were from just these 4 guilds:

  1. Druids Guild
  2. Alchemists Guild
  3. Necromancers Guild
  4. Elemental Lords Guild

Now the fate of the planet is only in their hands. The destiny of the cryptomages turned into crystals as well as the entire planet depend only on how quickly survivors will improve their skills and increase their strength. Who of the wizards will be able to master the knowledge of the 4 sciences and together with another magician create a spell that will break the crystal and return the crystallized wizard to his former shape? Will all the mages have time to be reborn from the crystals and will the harmony of forces on the planet be restored? How soon will survivors from other guilds be found, or will there only be mages from four existing ones? What is a wizard, who inherited the knowledge of all the sciences, capable of? Will lost totems of all the guilds be found? There are still a lot of questions, the answers to which, perhaps, we will find out in the game process.