How to Play

Main Features

  1. Buy, sell and hold CryptoMages (consider it as a business investment).
  2. Improve the level of CryptoMages’ skills to make them more powerful and earn income from the results of their activities:
    • writing and selling books
    • creating items for practical classes
    • giving exams
  3. Cast spells to release the Mages trapped in the crystals.
  4. Find an outstanding Mage with an innate predisposition to knowledge in several sciences.
  5. Find out an exclusive or unusual magician.
  6. Learn crafts and get new opportunities.
  7. Participate in tournaments and contests, complete quests and receive rewards for winning.
  8. Give Mages to whom you want as a gift.
  9. Keep initially defined collectibles.
  10. Create your own collections.
  11. Chase limited CryptoMages edition.