Types of CryptoMages

Key Differences

In the process of decrystallization, a great variety of different cryptomages can come back to life. These can be representatives of existing guilds and those that disappeared as a result of the core split. Among them may be cryptomages, who have only innate intuition in some sciences. Undoubtedly someone will be lucky enough to bring back to life an incredibly talented cryptomage who was born with an innate predisposition to all the sciences. Among decrystallized mages may be some young and completely untrained, as well as powerful magicians who have mastered the knowledge of several sciences.

At the moment, we're aware of slightly less than 10,000 mages who managed to avoid crystallization, and who found each other. Their magic power is still as strong as before. In addition to the fact that they didn't lose some of their power due to crystallization, they have another advantage over the magicians who will appear during the decrystallization process and join them. It's about a faster speed of their magic actions and a shorter recovery period. They are faster at writing books, creating magic items, etc. And they also need less time to recover their strength.

Wizards who will appear during the decrystallization process will have less power, respectively, they will perform all magical actions at a slower speed and they will need more time to recover their strength, compared to the survivors. The higher the decrystallization generation, the slower this speed is, and the longer it takes to recuperate.

Cryptomages-descendants of the guilds’ founders are unique. Firstly, they all managed to survive. Secondly, each descendant mage has a piece of crystal that commemorates their founding guild ancestors. Therefore, since the descendants have the strongest spiritual connection with the founders, it is they who can find the quite rare lost relics - the Totems of the guilds’ founders.

All Mages are collectible and at the same time take part in the game.