Improving skills

Ways To Improve Mages’ Skills

Cryptomages by birth have a predisposition to the knowledge of some magic sciences, regardless of the guild to which they belong. Their innate abilities are quite modest, they know only what is transmitted at the genetic level. In other words they have only intuition. To improve their skills they still have to learn a lot in еhis science, as well as master other sciences.

Cryptomages acquire new knowledge of a certain science consistently.

Stages of knowledge upgrading:

  • buying a book - they acquire theoretical knowledge in a particular science
  • buying magic items - they master a practical course in a particular science
  • passing an exam - they study a particular science completely

Practice can be completed only after mastering the theory.

One of the three possible components of knowledge - innate intuition - cannot be learned or acquired in any way. Intuition on a certain science can only be if the cryptomage was born with this predisposition. Therefore, in the studying of other sciences, it is only possible to obtain theory and practice.

If the cryptomage has studied the theory and passed the practice in some science, then he/she is able to take an exam and get the full knowledge of this science. Possession of any science knowledge opens up further opportunities in accordance with the mage’s knowledge level. Such a mage can write books, create magical items for practical training, give exams, and bring crystallized mages back to life. If the cryptomage, in addition to a high skills level, is a surviving descendant of one of the guild's founders, then he or she may be lucky enough to find the lost totem.

If the cryptomage is busy with 1 task, then it lasts for some time and he can not simultaneously do another task until he finishes the previous one.